In the fall of 2016, we made a Belgian Quadrupel and named it Four Brothers in reference not only to the history of the beer style in which monks would patiently create these Abbey beers, but also because Brian, Doug and I all grew up with three other brothers. Makes all the sense in the world, right' At the same time, we were able to source some freshly emptied Jamaican rum barrels and thought their big molasses notes would provide a great complement to the rich malt and yeast character in Four Brothers. So we took about half of the batch of Four Brothers and barreled it down to rest and pick up some of that amazing rum character. Well, we waited a year, and found the results to be, well, quite 'rummy.' This beer was always intended to be a big beer, but the rum flavors were out of balance with the underlying base beer and frankly a little boozy. And, when we had it tested, it had become a 15.4% abv behemoth! We were all in agreement that some artful blending with a little bit of fresh quad would provide a much more balanced beer.


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